Where's the Cow..?     What's the number..?     Where's the Cow..?       What's the number...?
                                                                            I'M GOING IN!!!
Event                                               Dates                                             Location 

Team Penning                                                           March 18-19                                                       Speck's Arena, Sunnyside, Wa

Team Penning                                                          April  15-16                                                      Winter's Arena, White Swan, Wa     

Team Penning                                                           May   6-7                                                            Speck's Arena, Sunnyside, Wa
Team Penning                                                          June 10-11                                                      Winter's Arena, White Swan, Wa     

Team Penning                                                          July 15-16                                                       Winter's Arena, White Swan, Wa

Team Penning                                                           August 12-13                                                   Speck's Arena, Sunnyside, Wa

Team Penning                                                        September 9-10                                             Winter's Arena, White Swan, Wa     

Team Penning                                                           October 7-8                                                     Speck's Arena, Sunnyside, Wa

​Awards Banquet                                                     November 11  (6:00pm)                            Terrace Heights Grange,
                                                                                                                                                                       Terrace Heights, WA
Year 2018

Team Penning                                                        March 24-25                                                       TBD
Team Penning                                                        April 21-22                                                           TBD
​Team Penning                                                        May 12-13​                                                            TBD
Team Penning                                                       June 23-24                                                            TBD
Team Penning                                                       July 14-15                                                              TBD
Team Penning                                                       August 11-12                                                        TBD
​Team Penning                                                       September 8-9                                                    TBD
Team Penning                                                       October 6-7                                                           TBD
​Awards Banquet                                                  November 10

Year 2019

Team Penning                                                      March 23-24                                                           TBD
Team Penning                                                      April 13-14                                                               TBD
Team Penning                                                      May  11-12                                                               TBD
Team Penning                                                      June 22-23                                                               TBD
Team Penning                                                       July 13-14                                                                TBD
Team Penning                                                      August 10-11                                                          TBD
Team Penning                                                     September 7-8                                                        TBD
Team Penning                                                     October 5-6                                                              TBD
Awards Banquet                                               November  9

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