YVTPC was formed in 1995 by a group of team penners, who wanted to promote the sport of team penning in the Yakima (WA) Valley. Since 1995, YVTPC (a not-for-profit Club) has grown, and has been promoting successful and quality Team Pennings for members from the Yakima Valley, Washington State, and the Pacific Northwest. 
   Now in it’s twenty fourth season, the club welcomes new members and provides opportunities for newcomers to learn the sport while having fun. Anyone can participate. It does not take a special horse, nor does it take great riding ability to compete.  It makes no difference if you are young or old, male or female, a novice or a professional. There is room for everyone in the team penning arena.
   Team penning is a great family sport & a fantastic way to get out on the weekends and enjoy your horses.  We have five divisions to compete in: Youth, Novice, Green-Novice (points only), Amateur, Open, & Pro-Am-Nov (PAN). We produce eight (8) pennings throughout the year (March - October). 
  We award Buckles & Cash prizes at each penning, and in addition, members ride for Year-End points in order to qualify for Year-End Awards, which will be given at our Year-End Banquet at the end of the year (November). For example of the awards, we normally give a saddle to each division winner, plus the top ten will received Top-Ten Jackets + other awards. Every one will receive something as a long as they have competed at least at 6 pennings.  

   In  2005, YVTPC formed a Rating Committee and adopted a rating system for its members consisting of numbers from 1-6 with 1-2 being the Novice Division (beginning riders), 3-4 Amateur Division (more proficient riders) and 5-6 Open Division (the professional and more competitive penners).   No rider can ride below their rating, but anyone can ride up.
 The Youth Division (ages 5-16) is not rated, and will have an Open or Amateur rider on their runs by draw (no parents of any youth riders), adult riders to work with and help the Youth riders.

OPEN………….             $150 per team/$50 per rider
QUICK DRAW........    $75.00 per rider. Will ride 3 times. Must be rated a 4,5,6.
OPEN/LIMITED....     $180per team/$60 per rider   ($10.00 per rider goes to the limited Jackpot)

AMATEUR……            $135per team/$45 per rider

AMATEUR/LIMITED.. $165.00 per team ($10.00 per rider goes to the limited Jackpot)

                                        (Note: 1 minimum Pick Team & 1 Draw Team is required)

NOVICE………            $120 per team/$40 per rider

​                                   (Note: 1 minimum Draw team is required)
GREEN-NOVICE.....  $40.00 per team/$20.00 per rider (points only)
GREEN-HORSE PRACTICE... $20.00 per run. 2 run limit (See Ratings Committee or Director for eligibility)

YOUTH……….            $20 per team/$10 per rider PRO-AM-NOV (PAN)..  $105 per team/$35 per rider 

1. To promote the sport of Team Penning. 
2. Establishing and maintain a group of persons in south-central Washington engaged in team penning.
3. To establish and maintain a handicap system that encourages team cattle penners of every age and every skill level to compete in the sport.
4. To promote a pastime that fosters family involvement while setting standards for proper conduct and good sportsmanship.
5. To constantly strive to improve, enhance and enrich the sport through refinementand innovation.